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Internet traffic from mobiles 2019

Gone are the days when people or businesses had to do a lot of leg-work just to get clients or data. Fortunately, we are living in the era of technology, where not only connecting with others is easier than before, but also collecting data through these mediums have become comfortable for one and all.

Internet for that matter is a boon for everyone, be it a student, or a housewife or a businessman, or a corporate. Any information one needs just ‘the internet’ will do the needful.

Studies shows that Portable devices like mobile and tablet are becoming more relevant than desktop, 60% of people rely on their mobiles to search online. And why not, these devices are handy, easy to carry, and portable. And the accessibility of internet that too high speed data has made it possible for all walks of life to rely on their mobiles for any internet related work.

The truth is, the availability of smart phones or better devices and the accessibility of faster internet on-the-go, internet traffic is increasingly being driven via mobile or portable devices. It not only affect the consumers how they shop, consume content, or interact socially, but also has a relevance on how the indispensable marketing money gets spent.

Studies shows:

  • Worldwide mobile market share is 52.1% whereas desktop market share is 44.2%.
  • Mobile based CPCs cost 24% less than desktop and still have a 40% higher CTR
  • In 2018, nearly 80% of internet usage was mobile.
  • 60% of people search on their mobile before making any purchase.
  • More than 50% of all video views are from portable devices
  • 51% of the time spent online in the US is on portable devices

Current trend indicates mobile share to further increase to as high as 80% with approximately 60% of the internet traffic worldwide is driven through portable or mobile devices. Also, it is observed that this trend is not limited to any one segment of the internet. However, social media network access, search volumes, ecommerce revenues, all these show a continuous shift towards mobile in comparison to desktop, as people find it a task to open desktop and then do thing when they have smart and handy device.

Furthermore, with the easy availability of internet and the presence of your competitors online, easy distraction among users is what one can expect. Because, today’s user wants a mobile-optimized experience. Also, your SEO and content freshness will also impact the overall experience of your user and your existence online.

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