About Us

Our process is simple; Our products are powerful.

We founded ZappLocal in early 2018 after observing and being frustrated with the available solutions for local marketing & web presence of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's).

We realized the problems faced by SME’s in creating online presence for their businesses. None of the available solution was completely in favour of businesses. Neither developers/agencies NOR portals/directories could be trusted.

In business transparency matters a lot, so we thought to give control and power to customers through which they can manage their online presence without depending on anyone else.


Our Mission

To be the best SaaS company, by empowering businesses with the full potential of internet. One day, all businesses will have the opportunity to come online to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

Our Vision

At ZappLocal our mission is to help SME's grow online, have their own web presence without worrying about technology.

Join the community of businesses using our automated platform to grow your business with omnichannel business solution.

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